NEW MUSIC: Open the Sky Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise


Lamar Campbell Open The Sky
Lamar Campbell and Spirit of Praise, once again delivers a powerful Praise and Worship offering entitled, Open The Sky. Each song will take you on a worship-filled journey ushering you into the presence of the Lord with enthusiasm and anointing that is more than just superior musical styling, and extraordinary vocal expression, it’s personal. Smooth choir blends, outstanding vertical lyrics, and a fervent desire to worship make this latest project his most powerful yet, as well as a much wanted addition to any Gospel lover’s collection.


If you are new to Campbell’s music show him some love and leave a comment of your first reactions to his new single. If you love it head over to ITunes or Amazon and download it today. Open the Sky by Lamar Campbell & Spirit of Praise hits stores September 24, 2013.

Track Listings

1. Praise You Now
2. He’s More Than That
3. Open The Sky
4. You’re Worthy Of My Praise
5. More Of You
6. From The Heart
7. The Power Of Love
8. I Won’t Turn Back
9. How Great You Are
10. Speak To The Day
11. I’ll Praise You